Beauty and Civilization are One and the Same

Beauty is an investment that will yield dividends as long as it inspires the generations that follow to keep up their inheritance, to add to it, and to fight to defend it.

Beauty is the ultimate low time preference behavior, the essence of civilization itself.

Further, when we mark something stylistically as distinctly OURS, we foster identification with and attachment to it, and solidarity with others who so identify as well, and regard it as their own.

In so doing, we imbue it with a durability and a security that can not be obtained by purely material means. Those stake holders will maintain and protect it, and one another, as no one else would, as no one else could.

In this way we may protect the integrity of our legacy and preserve the preponderance of its benefits for the exclusive enjoyment of our progeny. It will have more value to them than it can ever have to random others, who do not share, and can not appreciate, this unbroken continuity.

The purpose, or at least the effect, of modernism is to break this solidarity, to break this continuity, to break this locality, with a blight of formless, placeless, soulless, so-called “function,” that will crumble into dust or be devoured by alien parasites as its dejected, dispirited, demoralized, inheritors wallow in alienation, apathy and angst.

And as the modernist blight spreads, it devours and destroys all beauty in its path, infecting those who guard it with the ugly lies it embodies by its mere proximity, consuming, block by block, the accumulated riches of our glorious past; even the very memory of our noble and heroic forebears; grinding their accomplishments into a dust that shall never again transcend the unthinking quietude of inanimate matter; nay worse, that reeks with the stench of death and decay, for it once pulsed with the glow of life.

Unless and until we stand up, and say NO!

Begone foul demons of modernism.

Begone hateful bane of civilization and life itself!

Back to the depths of hell from whence you came!

By all that is good and glorious it ends NOW. And with as much fire and blood as may prove necessary for the woeful, yet joyous, task ahead.



One thought on “Beauty and Civilization are One and the Same

  1. Indeed. One need only to see the ugliness of all that is built and made including car parks,basements,utility rooms industrial structures,infrastructure and many more to see that such things are not worthy of preservation.

    Only the beautiful the truth and the good are worthy to be called civilization.


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