Kars4kids is a nationwide “charity” that solicits donations of used and junk cars with catchy radio ad jingles. Nowhere in the radio ads do they mention they are a Jewish charity whose sole aim is to benefit Jewish kids. If you poke around their website long enough, they do mention it. But you could easily read 90% or their page, or more, and miss it.

What are they doing to help these poor, disadvantaged, struggling, Jewish, children, you might ask? It’s hard to tell from their promotional material. Wikipedia says a little bit more…


“Oorah Kiruv Rechokim, Hebrew for “awaken and bring in those who are far” (a reference to educating non-observant Jews), is an incorporated Orthodox Jewish kiruv (outreach) organization founded in 1980 “with the goal of awakening Jewish children and their families to their heritage.”

They do this through outreach, mentorship, and placing Jewish children in private, Jewish, schools.

All of this constitutes pretty obvious and brazen fraud by suggestion, fraud by implication, and fraud by omission. Take a look at the picture below.


> 1 in 3 don’t graduate
> 92% of ours do

Yeah, that’s because they’re  Jewish. It’s true they don’t explicitly say “because of your donations and our programs.” But that’s clearly implied. They’re not connecting the dots for you, but those are the dots they’re giving you and asking you to connect, and those describe a lie.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, else you’re a liar.

The MAIN issue, though, with this charity, all other lies aside, is they’re not being clear about their mission.

They’re free riding on widespread “for the children” sentiments without telling the people donating “for OUR children, specifically.” They’re deliberately conveying the impression (without explicitly saying) that donations will be distributed according to need, when really they will be distributed according to ethnicity, and specifically NOT to the ethnicity being solicited for donations (else there would be no need for duplicity.)

And furthermore, there is no indication that ANY dire need at all is being addressed, and the only purpose is to provide their beneficiaries with a LUXURY that is specifically DENIED to us, a private and ethnocentric education…

Some say, caveat emptor, “buyer beware.” Do your homework. But that leads to a foolish and wasteful duplication of effort. Once the lie is discovered, act to punish the liars, act to stop their lying.

We can probably afford to bear the lying parasitism of THESE liars, in particular. But what would we GAIN by doing so? What benefits do we procure by this leniency? Perhaps there are some, but are they enough to pay for the costs? If that nets negative, what obliges us to bear them?

And the burden of lying parasites in general, taken together, DOES pose an existential threat, especially if it subsidizes the relative increase of lying parasites. Moreover, tolerance for them has already fundamentally altered the character of our civilization for the worse, and continues to do so.

For us, or those of us who fall for it, this lie is not too costly, the loss of a junker, and another loss in terms of making Jews Jewier. But for someone who may actually NEED help, it could be stealing food off their table. They are misappropriating our generosity and they are punishing and therefore discouraging our altruism. And that harms those we might genuinely wish to help even much more than it harms us.


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