I just want to reiterate that there is NO individual solution to the dissolution and degeneracy plaguing postmodern life, and specifically as regards gender relations and the sexual marketplace.

A lot of people say, “Want a trad wife? Just be more attractive to women. Work out. Make more money. Etc…” None of those are bad suggestions. All are helpful, even necessary. But they are not sufficient.


The higher up the right hand column you are, in that picture, the more female attention you will get. And if you are high *enough* you may even be able to obtain good terms from a suitably appealing woman. But you will only EVER be in a position to do that by GIVING UP plentiful sex with no strings attached to a variety of even more appealing (at least visually) women. I trust I don’t have to explain why most men will at least be sorely tempted to not make the pro-social choice, given those incentives.

Furthermore, the individual route involves increasing your *relative* appeal, compared to your competitors. The basic problem would remain unchanged, and would STILL remain unchanged if ALL men got more fit, rich, confident, etc… Most of the women would still be competing bitterly for the few at the top and ignoring the rest.

You would still have rampant dysgenia as the women at the top, no longer able (or much less able) to obtain exclusivity, paternal investment, or commitment, from high status men (who can simply have their pick of endless thirsty sluts) forego reproduction entirely. Many others, not necessarily at the top, but not at the bottom either, would forego reproduction out of unrealistic expectations, wishful thinking, and never being willing to “settle” for a more realistic option.

Meanwhile, elite men are (at least potentially) more reproductively successful than they were (in terms of absolute numbers) but by “mating down” less likely to pass on their best traits. And lower status women have greatly increased reproductive opportunities, and through their exercise of the franchise, the ability to socialize the costs of their offspring.

Also, the “individual solution” still leaves the social instability and economic stagnation from large numbers of frustrated but essentially hopeless, lower-status males, permanently shut out from any chance at owning a stake in society or its future, through marriage and reproduction.

All of this is bad, but the situation is not hopeless. I said there is no INDIVIDUAL solution. But that does not imply that we must, per force, REIMPOSE strict, traditional, sexual norms and mores on EVERYONE. The threshold for success is at least somewhat lower than that.

Consider the outlaw biker gang. This is a notably patriarchal social grouping, not overly subject to unrestrained feminine sensibilities. And yet, they don’t have too much difficulty obtaining “bitches” or “old ladies.”

The operative principle is, we’re a group of bad dudes. And because we are a group, and because we’re willing to do bad things, being our bitches has benefits. But those benefits are only available on our terms.

And upon a similar principle, we can construct our own tight-knight subcultures based on traditional virtues, and which can capture the benefits of those virtues, and distribute those benefits to group members, while preserving them for the exclusive enjoyment of those demonstrably willing and able to participate in their production.

The goal should be to provide nucleation points around which a new civilization can coalesce and grow, as it out-competes and replaces the old.

And to the basic template provided by the outlaw bikers, we can add still other conditions. First among these must be, If you leave, at the very most, you get nothing; no alimony, no child support, no division of marital property. If you try to take more than nothing, through the family courts, or whatever – you get less than nothing. There could be a variety of means of constructing those incentives. But one obvious one that suggests itself is scorched Earth plus mutual, informal, community, insurance, to help the man reestablish and rebuild that which must be destroyed to prevent it falling into the hands of bloodsucking parasites. There could be other means, but they may be even less legal, and would have to be explored with caution.


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