There is no shame in being conquered and subjugated by means of the Truth, or by true means. If one is thereby brought into conformity with Truth, or a state of greater conformity with Truth, from a lesser, one has won more than could ever be lost.

Likewise, there is no peril except the immediate peril implied by such a course of events. One who wields the Truth as a weapon, or wields his weapons true, surely knows the worth and power of service and support; and will not doom the vanquished should they be willing and able to offer them in tribute. And the defeated will have obtained, by those means, and at that expense, a protector demonstrably more capable than himself.

But to be conquered by lies and deception is the greatest shame. For it is not in keeping that the weak and duplicitous should ever rule the strong and the true. And likewise it is the gravest peril, for while the Truth is productive, lies are parasitic. While the Truth is strong and noble, lies are weak, but poisonous and corrupt.

The strong must rule. And the weak must fear them. It is the natural order of things. None other can endure. No other is better.


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