Women are in every relevant sense property, spoils of victory, the principal object or at least one of the principal objects, over which conflicts are even fought between men in the first place.

This is only a factual description. Property is what you are willing and able to defend.

Women, on the whole, are not willing or able to defend themselves. They are not self-owners.

If women have some men who are willing and able to defend them, then they are the property of those men. And in a world with men in it, that is the best condition in which they are ever likely to find themselves, for long.

They forget this only during long stretches of time during which repeated victories on the part of some men insure that they do not change hands. But if they do change hands, they accept it and adjust.

Our most recent period of global preeminence was so commanding, and so long-lasting, that even most MEN forgot that women are property. And so we have unshackled them from the authority of fathers, husbands, and kings, with disastrous consequences. The loss of reason and accountability have been total.

In more wise and less fortunate times, women tend to be marginally indifferent to which men are in charge, because throughout history, it has not mattered all that much – to women – which men are in charge. Things carry on after, much as they did before.

But it matters to men, because everything is always on the line, life and legacy. And that is why men must assume sole and exclusive dominion over questions of borders, defense, immigration, and others pertaining to security and in-group/outgroup demarcation. Men have skin in the game; women don’t. (And to these questions can be added others, from other arenas, pertaining to law, property, markets, and so on and so forth, things which may affect women, but which they have historically not directed.)

Women have little grasp of manly things or manly concerns, they have little incentive to acquire a grasp of such matters, and they have not been selected for astuteness in such matters, nor their instincts and predispositions for relevance to such matters. There are simply very few consequences, for women, to screwing these things up. That’s why it was foolish to give them any say in them at all. And if we don’t correct THAT error, sooner or later we’ll simply be killed and replaced by men who will.

But this time, things ARE different, for women. This time, it very much matters which men are in charge. However, women will still follow their hopelessly misguided programming straight into the Mohammedans’ potato sacks if we don’t save ourselves from them, and save them from themselves, by subjugating them once more.

Spoiled, entitled, unreasonable, shrill, demanding, women have squandered all of our recent advantages, and we have let them.

Sensing opportunity, the Barbarians have begun to stir. They are on the move. Some have already arrived.

As this realization slowly dawns, men start to gird themselves once more for battle. Danger and uncertainty are in the air. Dark times lie ahead. Great questions arise to be settled.

The wise women are to be found in the kitchen, preparing their men meals, whether they be sumptuous or familiar, delectable or hearty, sufficient to motivate and inspire them to carry the day, and to risk all, that they may come safe home. Many will not…

Or they are to be found in the bedroom, giving their men a hearty sendoff.

They will not be found on the battlefield. That is our domain. Don’t forget it. Don’t forget the privileges which that buys us. And don’t let women forget it.


ARTWORK: “Le Brenn et sa part de butin” (“Brenn and His Share of the Spoils”, also known as: ” Spoils of the Battle”), by Paul Jamin, 1893.



  1. Women will always seek to liberate themselves from slavery just as any slave strives to be unshackled from a master that decides their fate and removes their free will. Therefore, women must come to these ideas and this lifestyle you espouse willingly if they are to be wholeheartedly invested, with their gaze trained firmly on the kitchen stove rather than the front door. This then is a marketing strategy more than a military one, unless of course you endorse the slaughter and literal imprisonment of women in which case ISIS has found a new recruit. And as vapid as the female mind may be, no one understands marketing like the female brain just look how Trump’s campaign has been pulled from death by Kellyanne Conway. Enlist women to to enlist other women. Create a matriarchy within soceity with the matriarchs firmly ensconced under the rule of the male leaders. Then, when women get sick of being treated like property, they can rebel with organization and know the weaknesses of the male leaders and slit their throats at night while they sleep.


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